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October 11, 1968

On my way to Cam Ranh Bay, I check to see if I have all my body parts … I do.

My experience in Vietnam will not soon be forgotten, nor will I ever forget those who gave their lives.

Going Home

Going Home!


Post Script


At the Wall

Was it really worth the effort?

I have mixed feeling about my experiences in Viet Nam. On the one hand, we gave it our best and were successful in virtually every battle. On the other hand, we lost many of our best friends, had many terrifying experiences and I'm sure, participated in the deaths of many innocent civilians. They say “time heals all wounds,” well maybe that’s true in love and life in general, however, the experience of battle is one wound that never heals... IMHO.

Tam Ky fell to the Communists on March 24, 1975.

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First Armored, First Cavalry, First Regiment of Dragoons - Hill 29, 1968

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