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June 1, 1968

I'm still in the dark about my girlfriend, Linda. My cousin still hasn't written to me on the situation. I'm prepared for that "Dear John" letter I fear is on its way, however, getting letters from my other female friends takes the edge off my situation a bit.


Lady of the Night

June 10, 1968

While on R&R in Taiwan I made the rounds of nightclubs, movie houses and bowling alleys. There were plenty of women around that were more than willing to help you have a good time, just as long as you're equally willing to part with your hard earned pay. The going rate was $15 a day plus expenses.

I sent home a tape of my Taiwan wanderings.

June 14, 1968

Weather… hot 101 degrees

I guess my radio and KP duties aren't enough. My newest chore is to fill the shower with water. Oh goody!

The shower's 55-gallon water barrel needs refilling daily and the only place to get the water is Hill 10 north of here. At Hill 10 we fill a water trailer and haul it behind an APC back to Hawk Hill. Filling the shower's water barrel takes about 15 to 20 minutes using 5 gallon water cans.

Hill 10

BT200390 Between Hawk Hill and Baldy. (Div Arty ORLL Hill 10 BS583722)


Heading to Hill 10 for Water.

As the summer approaches, we've been getting a taste of Vietnam's hot tropical air. After dark, it cools off somewhat, but the bunker retains the heat and I sweat all night. The fan only serves to push the hot humid air through the tight quarters.

I've written to a few schools that specialize in aviation in anticipation of my release from the Army.

June 18, 1968

The flight schools I've contacted have answered my queries. They tell me that the GI bill will pay for 90 percent of my commercial pilot training. There's only one catch. First, I must complete a private pilot course at my own expense.

There have not been many rocket or mortar attacks recently. I feel we are overdue.

June 28, 1968

Weather… 104 degrees

The shower-filling job does not exempt me from KP. It would take an act of Congress to do that or a promotion. My rank will stay the same since the E-5 rank is needed elsewhere.


APC Heading Home

My health has been fairly good in spite of the heat. I do have a few skin rashes that bother me, but I guess that is to be expected in this type of climate. They itch like crazy and look kind of weird.

It is getting harder to sleep every day due to the warming trend.

My utter boredom forces me to volunteer for yet another trip to the field. During the outing, we search a couple of hamlets on foot while the tanks go through the bush looking for concealed tunnels and caches. The mission is unsuccessful in finding any weapons or VC. We interviewed an old woman that claimed there were about 20 or 30 Viet Cong in the area about five days before.

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First Armored, First Cavalry, First Regiment of Dragoons - Hill 29, 1968

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